Lasunchic is a kind and adoring creature who loves his treats, and needs an attentive and loving owner. It needs YOU! Think about it, you’ve never been able to have a pet due to allergies, well, dander be damned! Never again sacrifice companionship for itchy eyes and a runny nose! What’s that you say? You think a pet will mess with your social life. Not to worry! You’ll never have to tell your friends you can’t go away for the weekend because you can’t find a pet sitter. And you can forget the annoying dog in your purse. The new rage is a dinosaur in your phone!

We’ve done our best to create the most realistic living creature possible. It will grow, love and laugh, all in your phone and in real time. We will constantly be updating and bettering your pet’s intelligence in each version of the application, making him smarter, wittier, and more versatile. . Too good to be true? Get this: you’re not even going to need to buy any food for your pet!

You will start to look forward to pet’s messages, humor and other, at times, off the wall comments. You’ll be checking on your pet every hour! Our team has put a lot of effort into making your feel that there is live virtual creature right next to you at all times.

We’ve created both male and female versions with different characteristics, and you can choose the most suitable one for yourself. Besides gender, you can choose the sexual orientation of your pet!

Important information for owners before committing to buying a pet:

  • Your pet will need love and care. Think about how miserable you get without it. Expect the same from your pet…
  • Your virtual pet will communicate with your via text messages. It will send you messages about its needs. From the basic necessities like food, water going out for walk or, going out to do their “business”, to the more abstract, like feelings love, sadness, happiness, support, etc).
  • Your pet will greet you in the morning and will say good night to you each night. You can manually set a predetermined time that your pet awakes, and the time in which goes to sleep, so you and your pet will be on the same schedule. Just make sure it sleeps well. Be forewarned, your pet will become cranky if you will keep waking him up.
  • Your pet will need to go out for it’s “#1s” and “#2s”. Remember, if you don’t take your pet out, there is a good chance it will use your closet instead…
  • You will need to keep track of its weight and nutrition. Make sure you watch your pet’s diet and feed him properly. Your pet can die from hunger or being overweight, so make sure you do not over or under feed him.
  • You pet will never die or leave you alone as long as you care for it. It does not have life expectancy. A companion that will never leave you, and is constantly evolving as time and updates occur.
  • Of course, we took into account careless owners! If your pet dies before his/her 1st birthday or has happiness less than 80%, you will need to buy a new pet. Sorry, no pet abusers here, even in virtual world!
  • Of course, we considered the best and the most kind owners! If your pet has 80% happiness or more, or your pet just turned 1 year old, you will be able to get another pet for free!!!
  • You can also win extras and special accessories depending on your bonus points for loving and caring for your pet.
  • We want you to love your pets as much as we love and cherish ours!

You can snap pictures of your pet anywhere you go and create a special Photo Album! Take photos anywhere by using the camera on your device to create background for your shots. If that’s not enough, we made it possible to choose your pet’s poses and accessories for the picture taking, which you can easily chose by touching your pet or accessory. Each picture can then be shared on Facebook or saved on your device and emailed to your friends!

If you chose, you can watch your pet while your device is asleep! It makes a great screen saver for your iPhone or iPad, and you can always keep and eye on your pet.


The Pet lives its own life. NOT only when you run the application does your pet exist, but also when your device is in your pocket. You do not need to keep the app running in order to maintain your pet.

You do NOT need internet in order to have or maintain your pet.


  • In the future, we plan to add a new feature which will allow you to buy super special and unique accessories and use them during the photo taking of your loving pet.
  • We will be upgrading pet’s intelligence with each version
  • We will be adding new backgrounds and animation
  • We are working on teaching your pet to become more life like.
  • We will have a special Lasunchic club where you can chat and meet with other virtual pet owners and show your pet to the world!
  • We will also have a virtual shelter where you can get another pet!
  • We will add another feature which will allow your pet to communicate with another pet through game center or blue tooth.
  • Complete sync of your pet’s live and photos on all your devices! If you forgot your iPad at home, and your pet is travelling with you on the iPhone, the pet will be update on the iPad in real time as well!
  • And the last, but not the least, we will add a special Lasunchic shop where you will able to exchange accessories with your friends!

Stay tuned for more updates and more pets with Sonettic!